Mario Fernando implemented a new logistic system (FACTORY ERP) to allow the proper and correct supply chain and logistic flow (from the customer’s orders receipt to the orders to suppliers to production planning and working sheets till to the shipment to the customer):

  • creation of an unambiguous code between customer’s and MF’s Part Numbers (for finished products), between MF’s and its supplier’s Part Numbers (for purchased components, dedicated to the customer or available for different projects), and between MF’s processes and production phases (for the whole production)
  • addition of all the available tools/machines with proper working and cycles times, in order to have a correct production planning and capacity monitoring;
  • entering of customers’ orders manually or automatically, via EDI sent by the customer
  • entering of production orders, manually added, that lead to all production phases and processes, such as: issue of orders to suppliers regarding component parts, working sheets for internal/external phases, production planning, production phases.