In over fifty years of activity our company has grown and has continued to invest in research and development in the field of the cold deformation of metal, especially of stainless steel and aluminium, with the purpose of becoming a reference for the processing of these materials. Today our company, in constant expansion, covers a surface of 4,500 mq².

Founded by Mr. Fernando Mario, the company developed by starting from the planning and construction of moulds for sheet metal stamping; over the years the company acquired the experience that allows to offer a broader range of products and services.  As Mr. Fernando’s sons Michele, Alberto, Giovanni and Ignazio entered the business, the company added the freshness and determination of the second generation to the experience of the first one and made a leap forward intensifying its relationships with Europe and the rest of the world.

Today we propose innovative solutions to the most complex problems, realizing high quality dies and becoming partner of our customer during the whole transformation process of the idea into a mass production work.

Partnership with customers means for us to offer a support that goes beyond the planning and construction of the moulds: it means also manufacturing of products and construction of special machines realised starting from the study of the customer’s production needs.